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MarsabaThe Monastery of Marsaba lies in the Jerusalem wilderness. It is built on cliffs overlooking the Kidron Valley, located half-way between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, in the heart of the Judean Hills. The Monastery dates backs to the fifth century and is among the oldest inhabited monasteries in the world. It was founded by Saint Savas of Cappadocia in the year 483AD.
The Holy Lavra of Saint Savas is a phenomenon that 
is unique in ecclesiastic history. It has contributed in 
forming worship, the monastic order, hymnography
as well as a multitude of Saints over the centuries.

WE CELEBRATE the Monastery Feast of Saint Savas 
between December 17-19. The main celebration is overnight at Marsaba Monastery.

EXCLUSIVE INVITATION for members and friends of the OSLJ
During the feast period we will be meeting with the brothers of Marsaba and participating in the preparation of the Kidron Valley, assisting with the installation of 400 candles in the ancient cells that line the valley walls. This common effort will connect the participants with the monastic brothers, the orthodox world and our common history. The highlight will be to experience the night vigil in the outdoor surroundings of the monastery with many pilgrims from around the world.

Lights Marsaba

14th December
Arrival Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport

17:00 Inscription at the Domus Sancti Lazari in Jerusalem
20:00 Dinner at the Notre Dame Hotel

15th December
09:00 Gather at the Domus. Visit to the Holy Sepulchre
11:00 Departure to Marsaba Monastery for a work briefing
15:00 Visit to the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem

18:00 Return to Jerusalem - Dinner

16th December
08:30 Gather at the Domus Sancti Lazari. Departure for Marsaba (casual clothing, hiking shoes)
16:00 Return to Jerusalem

17th December
09:00 Gather at the Domus Sancti Lazari. Guided tour of Jerusalem

13:00 Free time

17:00 Gather at the Domus Sancti Lazari. Departure to Marsaba 'Bedu dinner' followed by orthodox celebration in presence of His Beatitude the Patriarch Theophilos 
and the Abbot of Marsaba

22:00 approx. Return to Jerusalem. Gather at the Domus Sancti Lazari. Departure for Marsaba

18th December 
10:00 Gather at the Domus Sancti Lazari. Visit of the Israel Museum Shrine of the Bible, free Museum tour 
19:00 Dinner 

19th December 
08:00 Gather at the Domus Sancti Lazari. Departure to Masada
On return to Jerusalem visit of Qumran and the Dead Sea (Kalia Beach). 
19:00 Farewell dinner 

20th December
Return home or individual tour in Tel Aviv

▪  Two guest rooms (four people) are available at the Domus Sancti Lazari 

▪  Other participants can be hosted in the Old City of Jerusalem (Jaffa Gate) 
which is within easy walking distance of the Domus


▪  Depending on participants. Information will follow as soon as possible 

▪  Including accommodation, all transfers and tickets, Bedu/welfare dinner


All reservation must be made until 18 November 
with the H.E. Grand Secretary James Parry / Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.
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